Digital Wedding Planner Joy Says ‘I Do’ To $4.5 Million In Seed Funding

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Your wedding is a reflection of your personality and relationships, including the dearest friends and family who are there to support you. Tell the story of your crew with thoughtfully chosen bridesmaid styles MJ Christensen that highlight your friends’ unique beauty and harmonize with your wedding’s theme. Still trying to pull it altogether into one beautiful picture? Get inspired by our top bridesmaid dresses and style guides!

Owner Peter Grontas and creative director Marc Eliot have been the collaborative team behind Floralia for more than two decades, and together they’ve built a reputation on designing high-end events. For one recent wedding at the Plaza Hotel, Floralia transformed the reception into a pink and frothy” wonderland with blooming cherry blossoms, orchids, and rose-colored lighting for 250 guests. Prices upon request.

DM Events offers services in event planning, bespoke design, florals, and custom fabrication and installations. Based in New York, the company produces fêtes across the metropolitan area, the Hudson Valley, and destinations across the globe. Planning packages start at $7,500, and design packages start at $3,000. Florals and custom installations priced upon request.

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